Non Electric Engine Starting Specialists and General Engineers

Austart Air Starting, Melbourne Australia

KH Equipment specialises in non-electric starting technologies for the mining, marine, oil and gas industries. Non-electric starters give you real dollar savings on maintenance and replacement costs, minimise downtime and increase workplace safety by maximising the reliability of your starting systems, and are a must in hazardous environments.

KH Equipment’s precision starter solutions include Austart vane and turbine starters, Kocsis hydraulic starting systems, and new generation Kineteco spring starters – all manufactured in a variety of models and configurations, and individually tailored to your exact application requirements.

Based in Hallam, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, and servicing industry world-wide, KH Equipment’s precision engineering and state-of-the-art air, hydraulic and spring starter capabilities are backed by world class CNC machining equipment, a highly skilled workforce, rigorous quality assurance systems, and our 30 years industry experience. A diverse range of businesses benefit from our quality in design and manufacturing, especially in industries where functionality, reliability and performance is a must.

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