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KH Equipment has been delivering innovative engineering solutions to industry since 1987. Our reputation for precision work is highly regarded throughout Australia and the world.

A diverse range of businesses benefit from our quality in design and manufacturing, especially in the Exploration, Mining, Marine, Motorsport, Oil and Gas industries, where functionality, reliability and performance are paramount. Our facility also provides contract design, manufacturing, machining and repair work for general industry.


There is little use designing anything that can't be produced in high production volumes and remain within tolerances of microns - each and every time. In doing so, it is imperative to have the best in design and production technology under the same roof.

For your every design solution our team utilises CAD, (Computer Aided Design) to produce the most complex or simple specifications, tolerances and drawings, effectively and efficiently.

Precision and repetitive work requires the finest CNC, (Computer Numeric Controlled) machining equipment.

The quality of our equipment, combined with our highly skilled workforce, provides a machining facility which overcomes the most demanding design and tolerance problems in manufacturing and refurbishment.

KH Equipment's capabilities are equal to any in the world and we're determined not to allow ‘Made in Australia' to become a forgotten truth. We're proud to be an Australian producer/exporter and welcome the opportunity to further excel beyond any off shore alternatives.

ISO 9001 SGS certified


The prime objective of KH Equipment is to consistently provide solutions and product that meets customer, traceability and applicable regulatory requirements. We embrace challenge, enhance customer satisfaction and regularly exceed expectations.

To ensure these objectives are met, we remain committed to continual improvement and rigorous adherence to the latest revision of Australian/NZS ISO 9001 ‘Quality Management Systems'.

Air starting enables spark-free cranking for any combustion engine, making engine starting safe in hazardous, explosive environments such as chemical, marine, gas, oil, and mining operations.

Ken and Barry Horner realised the need for a range of quality Air Starters to exceed the rigours of the toughest applications, in the harshest environments, while surpassing the world's most demanding safety regulations.

Relying on their in-house design and machining resources, they grasped the challenge, and in a short time established their new ‘Austart' brand as the leader for all major Australian ‘Zero Spark' applications, with worldwide patents on their unique designs.

The Austart range not only saves industry time and money, it saves lives. Exporting became a natural progression as overseas markets realised the benefits only Austart supply. These include, but are not limited to; an engine power range of 5kW to 7500kW, ease of installation, operating from only 30 to 150psi, oil-free design, easy field maintenance, extended usage between maintenance schedules, vastly improved durability and longevity.

Our pre-engaged drive systems minimise ring gear and starter pinion wear for maximum service-free operation. And for specialised applications such as mining and marine, internal and external coatings minimise the effects of poor quality air supply and corrosion.

Austart Turbine Starters are available in many models and configurations to suit a vast range of industries and applications. For example, we design and manufacture Turbine and Vane Starters for diesel and gas engines up to 400 litres displacement and include the associated valves and controls.

Driving System

Where robust construction is critical, industry now relies on Austart.

KH Equipment often uses our internationally successful Austart range to illustrate our design and precision engineering capabilities. Unfortunately, to some, the intricacies were either overlooked or misunderstood, so we decided on a truly remarkable ‘marketing exercise' with undisputable challenges to better demonstrate our precision engineering abilities.

We learnt, from an engineering standpoint, a ‘showcase exercise' is of little use if its accomplishment can't be clearly recognised and appreciated. Therefore, motorsport was the chosen media to demonstrate our design and engineering expertise where intricate movement, close tolerances in varied temperatures, performance and reliability are paramount. Naturally, a racing motorcycle requires all these attributes.



Photo By etechphoto at usa dot net(Etech Photo).

The most identifiable pinnacle of motor sport is the Daytona Bike Week - amongst the world's most renowned events of the highest calibre. So aiming to win Daytona's ‘Battle of the Twins' Championship was chosen as our Mount Everest to conquer. This ‘part time' project took in a number of development phases in re-engineering a classic motorcycle. We named it the Irving Vincent after Phil Irving, the legendary Australian design engineer employed by the Vincent Motorcycle Company in 1936 to deliver the fastest production bike of the era. Producing a whopping 45 horse power, he succeeded.

There were many preparation levels, but in their first attempt, our new subsidiary HRD Engineering (Horner Race Development) took on the world's best, including modern bikes, and won the 2008 Daytona ‘Battle of the Twins' Championship. An accomplishment which staggered even ‘seasoned' Daytona racers.

The basic engine and motorcycle design was taken from the original 1946 Phil Irving design. Then the engine and all components were fully redrawn by Ken Horner applying modern technology improvements - which amounted to an increase of over 120 brake horse power from the original design. KH Equipment produced everything except the brakes, wheels and suspension.

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