Kineteco Spring Starting

A new generation of Spring Starters is here. They open up a whole new world of easy, lightweight and safe hand starting. We have brought appropriate and high technology together and uniquely combined the best of both. Now you can fire up a diesel engine by hand more easily than starting a lawnmower -and gain big benefits in doing so.

We have all suffered starting problems. What do you do if your battery has been stolen? What happens if the machine has been left idle too long or damp has got into the electrical system? How do you get your boat engine running when you are marooned in the middle of the ocean with dead electrics?


Spring Starters combine the dependability of hand winding with a powerful spring mechanism. Operation is simple, and with a Spring Starter fitted to your engine it only takes a few moments to kick your diesel engine into life. Hand starting is no longer an all or nothing effort, because the winding is separated from the starting. You just wind steadily until enough energy is stored in the spring, the starter is tripped to release the stored energy, and off you go. No sharp pull. No yanking. No sweat! Such smooth, steady starting, that even powering up a big generator is easy.

Sure And Reliable

There are many reasons to fit Spring Starters:

  • On irrigation pumps and boats the combination of water and electrics is a sure recipe for disaster.

  • On construction sites batteries frequently 'disappear' from equipment or fail because of chronic vibration.

  • In a mine or grain mill, dust can get into switches or be ignited by sparks.

  • On a lifeboat or oil rig you need a dependable back-up starter that is safe to use and needs only limited manpower when all else fails.

  • Unaffected by long shutdowns, damp or cold, Spñng Starters are ideal for equipment left in storage for long periods of time; from emergency and utility stand-by to grass-cutting and maintenance equipment.

  • In the remotest of locations sure starting is equally about ease of operation and sustainability in the most adverse conditions.

  • Equipment for disaster relief, military and strategic use needs to be lightweight and ready for use at a moment's notice - features which often only a Spring Starter can provide.

Our newest starters are very simple and affordable, making hand starting the smart option on a wider range of machinery. Fitting is easy. Just remove the electric starter and its connectors and bolt on the Spring Starter. Perfect as an emergency back up in a boat's locker, in case of trouble with the battery, starter, alternator or wiring. And excellent as the primary starter for a whole host of uses where you never want to be faced with a dead engine again.


Tough Record 

This heavy duty, all steel starter is ready and able to cope with the worst of conditions and just keep going. As testimony to this claim, many of the tens of thousands of units supplied to customers around the world are still starting engines in the most demanding of conditions - even after decades of hard use.

Simms Starters are frequently specified for mining, oil rig and merchant marine use, their dependability in the field being well proven. There is a large range of fittings for engines from under 1 litre to over 8 litres capacity from a wide range of manufacturers. Marine, heavy duty and flame-proof options are available, so that Simms Starters can be configured to meet customers exact requirements.




All steel Spring Starter with disc springs on a ball screw wound by a detachable handle, set and tripped by hand. Formerly made by Lucas / CAV.



Rotation of Starter

Clockwise viewed on the pinion

Engine Capacity

Max. 6 cylinders, up to 1 litre per cylinder

Maximum torque

95 Nm

No. of output turns


Output energy

Nom. 1000 Joules

Cold Starting

To 0°C, some engines require starting aids at lower temperatures

Maximum winding load

61 Nm torque

To wind fully

12 turns of handle

Mounting flange types

SAE 1, SAE 2/3, SAE 4/5, Ford


10/12, 8/10, 6/8 Fellows Stub Metric Module 2.5, 3

Cord pull / winding handle position

Variable in 8.5° increments


Short Nose 17.6kg nett / 18.6kg gross

Long Nose 17.9kg nett / 18.9kg gross

Shipping dimensions

42 x 22 x 27 cms

Standard equipment

Winding handle and handbook





Engine Capacity

Max. 6 cylinders, up to 1.25 litres per cylinder

Maximum torque

126 Nm

No. of output turns


Output energy

Nom. 1100 Joules

Maximum winding load

81 Nm torque

To wind fully

11.5 turns of handle


Short Nose 18.3kg nett / 19.3kg gross

Long Nose 18.6kg nett / 19.6kg gross

Rotation of Starter

Reverse rotation option – Anti-clockwise viewed on the pinon

Finishes and Seals

Marinised option – To standard marine specification

Lloyds Register Type Approved option – fully flameproofed and marinised e.g. for zoned group 2 areas



Overall length

flange to endcap

275 – 288 cms

Body diameter

114-126 cms

Nose length

60-93 cms

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